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Fishing report 11/23/21 Tuesdays

11/23/21 Tuesdays fishing report. Sorry for the late report. It took a while to get the spray off. Then Thanksgiving. EJS Charters. Out of Alsdorf Park in Pompano Beach today. We left at 6:30am. It was light and about 69 degrees. low tide and about 85% moon. I expected fairly rough seas seeing the Small craft from NOAA and I had on a full Gore-Tex suit.  NOAA predicted 6-8 outside the wind shadow and wave periods were between 7-8 and they were correct. We were seeing 10's out at 550 feet. Nothing great to report. we loaded up on Skipjack and through back the Bonita. I'm headed out tomorrow Friday, I will try to be more timely with my reports.   Jordan Schleider USCG Captain  EJS Fishing Charters 561-447-7148 600 E Palmetto Park Rd Boca Raton FL 33432

Fishing report Tuesday November 16, 2021

  Fishing report Tuesday November 16, 2021   We left Alsdorf Park in Pompano at 6:30 am this morning. It was 63 degrees but I hardly noticed in my Gore-Tex suit. NOAA was spot on with the forecast.   To say we caught a little spray might be an understatement but everyone had fun and was well dressed. Nothing much on the fishing side. Lots of baitfish jumping in close and plenty of Bonita to keep busy on. A few Barracudas out around 400.   Jordan Schleider USCG Captain EJS Fishing Charters 561-447-7148 600 E Palmetto Park Rd Boca Raton FL 33432

Fishing Report for 11/12/2021

Fishing Report for 11/12/2021 Leaving out of Alsdorf Park in Pompano Beach at 6:30 am. Mostly cloudy and some heavy storms all around. Seas were 2-4 every 5 seconds and not much wind. 2 of us on the trip running 7 lines total. Trolling the ledge produced a small Barracuda on a planer with a pink sea witch and a strip. The Nomad Diver 165 got hit next around 500’ headed out. It ended up being a very small sail, maybe 36” tip to tail. Next the Yo-Zuri minnow got nailed at 550’ by a 2-foot Wahoo. Not exactly dinner for a week but I’ll take what I can get. We trolled out to 800’ followed a few frigates turned back in and at 600’ started getting hard hits and runs on the planer and the Nomad. We slowing brought in 2 big sails and decided to call it a half day.  Overall not bad, we had fun, got some good hits, stayed relatively dry, and got some Wahoo for dinner. Thanks Jordan Schleider EJS Fishing Charters

Fishing Report Tuesday November 9th 2021 EJS Fishing Charters

  Fishing Report Tuesday November 9 th 2021 EJS Fishing Charters I took a personal day to go stock my freezer and get some fresh Sashimi for the next few days. It was just me so I was limited on what I could handle, but I didn’t do to bad considering the conditions. I left Alsdorf Park in Pompano Beach at 8:30am in the rain. The inlet was breaking, and the waves were averaging 5 feet with a few 7 plus mixed in. The rain never really stopped the entire time out. I had heard that there was plenty of tuna, so I trolled a small 4 line spread of 6” feathers and immediately started getting Skipjack hits. The sizes were from 18” to 24” and I picked up a couple of Blackfins in the mix. My depth was 150’ to 400’ with most of the hits around 250’ to 300’. In my opinion The Skipjack Tuna is a little better for freezing and cooking later then the Blackfin Tuna, but the Blackfin is a little better Sashimi. So, I’ll be eating the Blacky’s for a couple of days and we will have some great