Fishing Report Tuesday November 9th 2021 EJS Fishing Charters


Fishing Report Tuesday November 9th 2021 EJS Fishing Charters

I took a personal day to go stock my freezer and get some fresh Sashimi for the next few days.

It was just me so I was limited on what I could handle, but I didn’t do to bad considering the conditions.

I left Alsdorf Park in Pompano Beach at 8:30am in the rain. The inlet was breaking, and the waves were averaging 5 feet with a few 7 plus mixed in. The rain never really stopped the entire time out.

I had heard that there was plenty of tuna, so I trolled a small 4 line spread of 6” feathers and immediately started getting Skipjack hits. The sizes were from 18” to 24” and I picked up a couple of Blackfins in the mix.

My depth was 150’ to 400’ with most of the hits around 250’ to 300’.

In my opinion The Skipjack Tuna is a little better for freezing and cooking later then the Blackfin Tuna, but the Blackfin is a little better Sashimi. So, I’ll be eating the Blacky’s for a couple of days and we will have some great skippy steaks for the next few months.


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