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Fishing Report @EJS Fishing Charters for Friday October 16, 2021

 Fishing Report @EJS Fishing Charters for Friday October 16, 2021   We left from Alsdorf Park in Pompano Beach at 6 am. It was dark and just a few minutes past high tide. 75% moon and a light NE wind. The conditions were excellent, and I was hoping for a boat load of Wahoo for my customers by 8 am. I was using a new setup Nomad DTX Minnows 165, 200 and 220 plus a Yozuri Bonita. 4 lines highspeed at about 10 knots. These lures in the past, like my Rapala’s tend to get tangled and ruin your morning, but I have been working out a strategy with a friend to fix that. I spent 2 hours zipping in and out of every Pompano reef from 130 to 350 feet and had not a single tangle. That part of the trip was great. The bad news is we didn’t hit a single Wahoo. We picked up a few Backfins and turned out. I added a few squids and feathers to the outriggers and picked up more tuna and started getting Mahi hits. Some decent keepers but nothing worth bragging about. My customers were happy and ha

Fishing Report EJS Fishing Charters

 Monday 10-4-21 fishing report @EJSFishingCharters We took off out of Alsdorf Park in Pompano, Hillsboro inlet, at about 6:20am all set to slay Wahoo. The report called for super light wind and 1 foot waves, 4% moon and the high tide. Plus a front line just on our latitude. The wind was light but the 3 second 4 footers were not so light. Trolling a 7 line spread with 2 planers, strips on seawitches with strips and skirted Ballyhoo. Everything looked good but the Wahoo. We ended up with a couple of big Kings and a small Blackfin Tuna. Here are some pictures of my favorite Wahoo lures. Jordan Schleider USCG Captain  EJS Fishing Charters  561-447-7148 600 E Palmetto Park Rd Boca Raton FL 33432