Fishing Boat Design & Outfitting

 Fishing Boat Design & Outfitting

So you decided you wanted to spend some time on the water fishing and you just bought a boat for a crazy amount of money and realize that its missing quite a few things you might need for fishing.

Well I can tell you a few stories of my own and possibly help you out with what is top priority and secondary and next years birthday list.

Do you need an autopilot? How about Radar? What type, how does it work? Should I trust the dealer who sold me the boat? What type of rods and reels do I need? Where do I get them? What's a crimp? How do I rig the lures? Isn't it easier just to go to the grocery store to get my fish? Yes to that last question, but are we fishing to eat or is this the ultimate big boy hobby? 

I have a lifetime of fishing and boating experience and I am also a USCG licensed captain. I have outfitted many boats over the years including my latest Daisy. You can get an idea of how Daisy is equipped at . 

If you are looking for help give me a call or send me an email.

Jordan Schleider
USCG Captain 
EJS Fishing Charters
600 E Palmetto Park Rd
Boca Raton FL 33432


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