Safety facts about fishing charters

 As a licensed United States Coast Guard captain there are different requirement then if you are a boat owner. One big difference is safety. As a USCG captain you must have USCG type 1 lifejackets on your boat. Most boats come with USCG type 2 lifejackets. Type 2 jackets are boxy and uncomfortable to wear, and type 1 jackets are downright expressive. You might see a lot of fishing charters without the correct jackets for this reason, but its all about safety. Below is a description of the differences from from the Coast Guard.

Type I – Inherently buoyant recommended uses and features:

Intended Use:
When cruising, racing and fishing offshore , or when boating alone, or in stormy conditions.

Minimum Buoyancy:
22 lbs. for adults. (11 lbs. for child size)

Additional Information:
Best for open, rough or remote water where rescue may be slow to arrive. Will turn MOST unconscious wearers face-up in water.

Offers the best protection, but is somewhat bulky and uncomfortable. Does the best job of retaining body heat, as it has additional foam and fabric, and keeps your head higher above water.

Currently, there aren't any Coast Guard approved Type I inflatable PFD's available to the general public.

Type II – Inherently buoyant recommended uses and features:

Intended Use:
Inland day cruising, fishing and sailing. Good for boating in light craft.

Minimum Buoyancy:
15.5 lbs. for adult size.

Additional Information:
Good for protected, inland water near shore, where chances of immediate rescue is good. Not suitable for extended survival in rough water. Will turn SOME unconscious wearers face-up in water. Poor performer in rough water, often requires you to tread water in order to keep your head above water.

More comfortable but less buoyant than Type I. Provides far less flotation than a Type I.

One last thing about lifejackets. Children under 6 must wear lifejackets all the time, but most fishing charters go into federal waters, 3 miles out. in federal waters the age is under 13.

Make sure you are with a properly licensed captain.

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