Fridays Charter Off Boca Raton

5/7/21 6:20am charter start from the Boca inlet

 Friday's fishing charter went well. The wind was west and gusting up a bit but the sea was relatively flat out to about 500 feet or 3 miles. After that it got a little choppier, maybe 3 footers. the current was less then 3 MPH in the gulfstream. 

We tried trolling the inside ledge, but there was nothing but scattered weeds to catch so we headed out about 7:15 am. We found a few more patches of weeds around 500 feet but nothing at all swimming under them. So we tried to troll around but the weeds were everywhere and scattered so we just ended up clearing lines nonstop.

at 8 we headed out to the Boca humps and 750 and 800 about 8 miles out. It was getting choppy and the weeds were still everywhere, so no trolling. I sent down a chicken rig to 800 feet with squid hoping for a golden tile but ended up pulling in Black Bellied Rose Fish Rosies like crazy. 

The guys started jigging with squid on the side of the boat and hooked up to a small Mahi. We left it on the rod and wouldn't you know all his buddies wanted to jump eat and in the boat too. Most of them were small but we ended the morning fishing charter with 4 decent size fish.

Thanks for reading

Jordan Schleider
USCG Captain 
EJS Fishing Charters
600 E Palmetto Park Rd
Boca Raton FL 33432


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