EJS Fishing Charters Trolling Spreads


This is a great trolling spread I found from an Australian lure maker. When I take fishing charters out of the Boca Raton inlet I am looking to catch big fish. This setup has worked well for me with Tuna, Wahoo, Bonita. It also works well for Mahi with one small problem. When you troll through a school of Mahi and get 9 hits, (by the way I leave a hook on my teasers)  its almost impossible to manage them without tangles. The way I approach it is I let the outer 3 lines run and try and pull in the inner 6 as fast as possible, which doesn't always work if you have a 25 pound bull running away. 

My transom lines are on #8 planers so they stay out of the way if not hit and it makes it a little easier. You can always let the shotgun run since its already 300 feet back.

Our personal best is 6 in the boat at once. 

Jordan Schleider

USCG Captain


EJS Charters




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